Tips For Efficient Outdoor Lighting

3 April 2018
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Whether you are installing or renovating outdoor lights, you need to do it in a way that allows you to get maximum utility from the lighting systems without wasting energy or money. The following tips should help you realize both objectives:

Install Smart Lights

Smart lighting systems or bulbs are not just for indoor use; they can also be used outdoors. One of the best features of smart lights is their remote-control feature. This means you don't have to get outside the house to turn the lights on or off. It also means that you can control the lights even when you are away from home. There are also programmable lighting systems that you can set to come on or go off at specified times or after specified durations.

Install Motion Sensors

Your security lights or path light bulbs don't need to be on all the time. For example, there is no need to light the path from your main door to the garage throughout the night. Luckily, you can connect these lights to motion sensors, which enable them only to come on when you someone is present and you need the light. That way, your garage path will only light up when you are walking on it, and your security lights will only come on when the sensors detect motion.

Minimize Light Pollution

Although lighting up your outdoors may be good for security, you can also overdo it if you aren't careful. You don't want such a situation because it can send light into your indoor rooms, create unwanted glare, and waste energy, among other problems. The following tips will help you avoid light pollution:

  • Install the lights so that they are aimed in the right directions
  • Shield the bulbs so that they don't send light into the sky
  • Ensure the lights only come on when they are needed
  • Use just the right wattage needed—nothing more

Use Outdoor Electrical Fixtures          

Since outdoor light fixtures are exposed to all manner of weather elements, they must be made to withstand such assaults. This means, for example, that you must use bulbs and cables rated for outdoor use so that they don't short when rained on, and you must use GFCI outlets so that you are protected from electrical shocks

An electrical system is one of the home systems that aren't ripe for DIY work; it's far too dangerous. Talk to an electrical contractor at a company like Williams Electric Supply today to help you design, install, or renovate your outdoor lighting system.