3 Signs You May Need a New Circuit Breaker Box

17 November 2016
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Circuit breaker panels, a type of electrical service panel (also known as distribution boards and other similar names), are a critical component of any electrical system and one of the main things that keeps your home or business safe from electrical fires. An outdated electrical panel can be dangerous, because if your circuits are overloaded and the fuse or circuit breaker doesn't trip, you could have a disastrous house fire. Because of this, it's recommended that you have an electrician take a look at your electrical panel every few years when he or she comes out for an electrical inspection. However, you may also need to have your circuit breaker box replaced—and if you're between inspections, you may not realize it. Here are three signs to look for that could mean you need a new circuit breaker box.

1. You have a fuse box instead of a circuit breaker panel

If you're stuck with an antiquated fuse box, you have a problem. Fuse boxes are antique-looking and may even have nostalgic value, but that doesn't make them safe electrical equipment. They were phased out of new construction decades ago due to the simple fact that circuit breaker boxes are so much safer. Also, because they were obsolete for so many decades, any fuse box you have is probably antiquated and not in very good working shape.

2. You haven't had your circuit breaker box updated for a while

If it's been a couple of decades since your electrical panel was updated, even if you do have a more modern circuit breaker  box rather than a fuse box, it's probably time for a redo. Modern technology is advancing every day, and a newer, safer model will outperform your old, worn-out circuit box, keeping you and your family safer.

3. You don't have enough capacity

If you've never had enough plugs for all the appliances and electronics you need to plug in, this could be your problem. Some signs that you don't have enough electrical capacity include frequent blown circuits, many power strips around your house, overuse of extension cords, and only having a few outlets per room. If this is the case, you probably need a major system update. You'll need more circuits, more outlets per room, and an electrical panel with a higher capacity.  

These three signs can help you recognize a situation that's in dire need of a circuit breaker box installation. If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, get in touch with a company like Skyline Electric, Inc. today to see what can be done.