Want Prime Internet Connection In Your House? Hire An Electrician To Help

6 October 2016
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Cutting cable has grown into a popular trend for a legitimate reason. Streaming services are only growing in popularity and their growth has led to an influx of shows and movies being produced just for streaming. The caveat is that it requires an excellent Internet connection to truly enjoy streaming. If you lack such a connection, streaming anything could take a long time to buffer and the video quality may automatically stay low. Whether you already have cable or fiber, or you are planning to make the switch soon, it may be your priority to have an Internet connection that provides solid and reliable service all through the home. Hiring an electrician is one way that you can turn this personal goal of yours into a reality.

Install an Ethernet Port in an Optimal Location

Ethernet ports might be scattered around your house, but you might not be satisfied with their location. The corner of a house may isolate the opposite end of the home, leading to poor connection. If you have a three-story home when including the basement, you may not know where to put the wireless router. It depends on your situation at home, but if you know that you want to live in the home for a long time, you can pay to have an electrician install an Ethernet port high off the ground to improve the connection.

The third floor is an ideal place to put it, and preferably as close as you can get to the center of the house. This will prevent the connection from weakening in the basement and in the far away bedrooms.

Run Ethernet Cables Through the Walls

A forever home makes it easy to follow through with changes because you own the home. For instance, you can take Ethernet cables and have them run through the walls to provide wired connections. This is perfect for anyone who intends on using a desktop computer in the same location in a room. A wired connection prevents your computer from having to deal with wireless input lag or random interference.

Add an Electrical Outlet Nearby

An Ethernet port is essential to get the connection that you need for your home. But, to give power to the modem and wireless router, you will also need an electrical outlet that has power to spare. So, instead of trying to use one far away and needing to get an extra-long cable, you can just add a new outlet. This is ideal when you know that the router is in a location that works well and that you will use for many years.

An electrician like B Electric Inc will take care of installing than electrical outlet, Ethernet port, and making sure the Ethernet cables that you run through your home do not end up causing any difficulties.