Work With Your Electrician To Childproof Your Home's Electrical System

30 March 2016
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The next time you hire an electrician for a project around your home, it's beneficial to see if he or she can take a few minutes to tour your living space and identify any electrical issues that could pose a safety threat to your children. While you're already hopefully using outlet cover plugs to prevent your children from sticking thin objects into the outlets throughout your home, there are a number of other ways to keep your children safe -- and any electrician should be able to notice these concerns and provide you with advice for fixing them promptly. Here are some areas of concern to talk about with your electrician.

Stop Using Extension Cords

Extension cords can be a concern for multiple reasons. They can pose a tripping hazard to anyone, but if your children aren't confident on their feet, it's easy for a child to trip over an extension cord and hurt him or herself. Additionally, there's always the concern that a child will chew a cord, which could have devastating consequences. Show the electrician where you're using extension cords and for what purposes, and he or she should be able to work with you to come up with safer alternate solutions. For example, the future installation of an additional wall outlet can prevent you from having to run an extension cord across the floor.

Beef Up The Security Of Wall Outlets

While wall outlet cover plugs can limit children's access to the outlet itself, many children can remove these plugs if they're left unattended. A better solution is to install childproof boxes over the outlets. Similar to what you might use outside to prevent moisture from running into your external outlets, these boxes consist of a bulky housing that is mounted to the outlet and can be kept in place even when electrical components are plugged in -- unlike standard cover plugs. Although the average homeowner should be able to install these protective boxes, your electrician can do it when visiting your home for any other project.

Make Your Wires Less Enticing

Even if you're not using extension cords, the wires that run between your electrical devices and wall outlets can be attractive to children. Your electrician can help you in this area by installing wire covers, which are available in several different styles. Commonly, these covers mount over one or more wires and clip to the wall, meaning that they won't be dangling freely for your child to grab.