Three Tips For Converting A Closet Into A Dressing Room

16 February 2016
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If you have a large walk-in closet, it might be large enough to have a dressing room in your home. With just a few additions and renovations, you can have a fancy dressing room right in your bedroom by converting the closet. Here are some tips for accomplishing it.

Remove Everything From the Closet

If you are going to convert a closet of any size into a dressing room, you need to start with a clean slate. This allows you to organize items being stored in the closet and figure out what storage options you want to include. It is easier to see the approximate size of the closet when everything is gone. After removing clothing, shoe boxes, and hangers, see if you have storage items that can be pulled out of the closet. Some storage in closets is not nailed down, which is good because it lets you truly start from scratch with your new dressing room.

Add Better Lighting

While your closet likely already has a small light in it, it might not provide enough illumination for an actual dressing room. If you believe there isn't enough power capacity in the closet's outlets, if they are available, contact an electrician, like one from A Pro Master Electric. They can install a stronger outlet in the new dressing room that provides sufficient lighting.

You will then be able to install lighting fixtures that provide you with the amount of illumination you need to choose your outfits and get dressed. Adding lighting to the different shelves where you are storing clothing, shoes, and accessories is another great idea for a dressing room.

Get Built-in Storage

In order to make use of the space you have in your walk-in closet, it is highly recommended that you get custom, built-in cabinetry and storage. This allows the contractor to work with the shape and size of the closet, providing the storage you need but only using as much space as absolutely required.

If you try to do this yourself with a store-bought storage option, it might take up a little too much space or not fit right in the closet, which can take away from the room you have as a dressing room. Once you get the built-in storage, you will be ale to add decorative elements and furniture, such as a bench or stool for dressing, and full-length mirrors.

With these simple tips, your walk-in closet can become a dressing room that appears to be custom-made for your home.