Three Electrical Upgrades That Are Sure To Cut Your Energy Costs

17 November 2015
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The electrical systems in your home are an area that you may want to consider upgrades for energy efficiency. Updates to things like the lighting and outlets can help you reduce your energy consumption. They can also help make your home safer with modern electrical installation. Here are some of the improvements for your electrical systems that you can be sure will reduce your utility bills:

1. Updating Your Electrical Service Boxes

The electrical service box in your home is an area where you can lose a lot of energy. Old service meters can also cause you to pay more for electricity. If you are investing in energy improvements, consider having the service updated. You can have a digital meter installed to more accurately measure your electrical consumption. In addition, you can also have a new breaker box installed. The breaker box can include timers for things like outdoor lighting and other features in your home that you want to add automation to.

2. Improving Lighting Designs With Energy Efficient Solutions

Today, the conventional incandescent light bulbs cannot be purchased anymore, but there are still some homes that have this outdated lighting. If you have old lighting, you may want to consider upgrades to your lighting design to reduce energy consumption. Some things to consider are LED lighting for indirect solutions that use less energy. You can also replace all the old light bulbs in your home for compact fluorescent lights and LED lighting solutions. LED lights will be the most efficient, but are also the costliest. CFL lights cost less, but will use a little more electricity.

3. Using Metered Outlets To Monitor Consumption

Another improvement that you may want to consider is installing metered outlets. These are outlets that measure the electrical consumption of appliances connected to them. This can be good for a home office or entertainment center. The outlet can tell you how much energy is being used and the devices that use the most electricity. This can help you decide what appliances you want to turn off when they are not in use. Some of these outlets even have timers on them, so you can set them to turn on and off at certain times of the day.

These are some of the improvements that you may want to consider for your electrical installation to reduce your power bill. If you need help with electrical upgrades in your home, contact an electrician to help you.