From The Dance Floor To The Game Center, Check Wiring First

5 November 2015
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If you plan on investing in new electronics for your entertainment or computing needs, keep in mind that these expensive pieces of equipment can be sensitive when it comes to electricity. Loss of power or inconsistent power can shut down systems at the very least, but there are many other dangers that could render your amazing investments useless. Take the time to understand what could go wrong and how an electrician's inspection can set you on the right track.

What Happens With Poor Wiring?

Power loss isn't a foreign concept to many people. It happens at any budget level, from aging wiring that hasn't been checked in a while to an electrical storm that shuts off power in the area. Losing settings on a stereo or entertainment system may not seem like a big deal, and if you lost your work as your computer shuts off during a storm, that's an acceptable risk from working through the storm. Unfortunately, there are other potential problems.

Poor wiring isn't just an issue of power being on or off. When wiring becomes brittle and begins to separate, you may be dealing with a rapidly changing supply of electricity that flickers through the wiring and your systems.

Electricity is a source of heat, and if electricity is constantly changing in intensity, you're dealing with the rapid heating and cooling of metal. The copper wires in your walls can begin to wear away even faster during these failing moments. Although your shiny entertainment system, speakers or computer may be newer, the same damage can take place inside their wiring.

An even bigger threat can damage computers over time. Low voltages and rapid power loss can cause computers to start and stop in rapid succession, leading to damage as the computer's save operations are interrupted. A computer's existence is based on a continuous sequence of saving and retrieving information, which can be ruined with poor wiring situations.

What Can An Electrician Do About It?

First, the electrician needs to examine the extent of the problem. Entering a building and breaking down every wall for a full replacement isn't just messy; certain wiring areas may need to be replaced in a specific sequence to keep power running in other parts of the building as the electrician continues to work.

The inspection can identify parts of the electrical layout that need to be replaced while leaving sufficient wiring in place. To supplement wiring that isn't faulty, backup wiring can be added to your electrical circuits. Power can be distributed across more wires, reducing the amount of electrical load and heat per wire and reducing the chance of overloads.

Need more outlets for your new devices? Electricians can add more outlets to convenient places after performing necessary upgrades, and can even install newer outlet types for Internet connections or audio/video cables. Contact an electrician to plan your inspection and upgrades before adding new musical electronics, televisions, computers and other expensive consumer electronics.

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