Broken AC? Now's The Time To Get Creative To Stay Cool

9 October 2015
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Central air conditioning provides cool, pleasant temperatures inside your home regardless of the what the thermometer says outside. When your central air stops working correctly, however, it's a disconcerting feeling to watch the temperature inside your home begin to climb. The first step to take when you notice this problem is to find a certified central air conditioning repair person who can pay you a visit in short order and figure out the reason for your problem. You could spend a few days waiting for the repair to be finished, and you can use this time to employ creative strategies to stay cool.

Use A Foot Bath

Visit your local pharmacy to buy a foot bath, which is a plastic tub designed to hold water and your feet. Fill the tub with cold water, place it where you plan to sit for an extended period of time and dip your feet into the water. It might feel like a bit of a shock at first, but your feet will soon acclimatize to the cold temperature and you'll begin to cool down throughout your body. The portable nature of the tub means that you can place it wherever you plan to be, whether it's in front of the TV or at the dinner table.

Dampen Your Towels

Falling asleep when it's hot inside your home is one of the biggest challenges you'll face, especially when you've been accustomed to sleeping in the cool. Wetting a bed sheet thoroughly, although not to the point that it's dripping and making a mess, can be a useful strategy to try. Lie on a dry sheet and place the wet one over your body. This strategy works well when you have a ceiling fan in the room, as the blowing air will make the wet sheet feel even more cool and refreshing, which should be enough to help you get to sleep.

Chill Your Pulse Points

While sitting with a cold pack can be effective, you'll also find success in lowering your body temperature by placing cold objects, such as a glass of ice water or a freezer pack, against your various pulse points. Your blood vessels pass through these points close to the surface, meaning they'll pick up the cold and transfer it throughout your body. You can find pulse points inside your wrists, beside your neck and on the insides of your elbows.

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