Two Overlooked Reasons You're Wasting Electricity

8 October 2015
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Electricity is a must-have for most modern-day homes, but this doesn't mean you should be wasting it. Whether it's poor electrical design or that you're not being conscious about your electrical usage, there are a number of ways in which you can be wasteful. Make sure your home isn't engaging in any of these wasteful electrical practices.

Poor Electric Water Heater Location

It's wiser to keep your electric water heater in a location that is central to the majority of the bathrooms in your home. Heaters that are further away, such as in a garage, may require the use of a pump to help circulate the heated water throughout your home. This isn't efficient when it comes to electricity. Pumps push hot water throughout the pipes at an almost constant rate, which causes the water heater to keep producing more hot water at an almost constant rate.

With this type of design, not only will the heater operate more than necessary, but all the warm water will simply be stored away in the pipes throughout your home. This can actually make your pipes function similar to a radiator, keeping your home warmer than necessary and causing you to rely on your air conditioner more than you normally would.

Using The Wrong Type Of Light Bulb

Even if you're being conservative about the manner in which you use your lights, if you have the wrong type of bulbs installed, this could also cause you to use your electricity wastefully. A number of households still use incandescent bulbs. The problem with this type of bulb is that they waste a lot of energy and give off an excessive amount of heat, which can also make the temperature in your home warmer.

It's better to transition to a more efficient lighting option, like an LED or CFL light bulb for smarter energy use. In terms of an LED bulb, you can experience an energy usage savings of as much as 25%. CFL bulbs use about a fourth less of the energy that a traditional incandescent bulb would use. Either option you choose will result in an energy and money savings.  

If you're concerned about electrical use in your home, an electrician can help. A home energy audit allows an electrician to inspect your home and make any necessary upgrades or recommendations to keep your home energy smart. For more information, talk to a professional electrician.