How To Slash Your Electric Heating Bill

1 October 2015
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Overall, electric heating is not as efficient as using a gas or oil furnace. However, there are other advantages to using an electric heater over using a different type, including the accessibility of the power grid and eliminating the need for handling oil or propane. When using electric heating, there are several ways you can lower your energy bills while using an electric heater.

In-Floor Radiant Heating

Choosing the right electric heating system will ensure that you save as much as possible. In-floor radiant heating sends heat through the floor and allows the heated air to rise up. You can choose to use this system for your whole house or can choose a specific room, such as the bathroom.

Sectional Heating

Rather than implementing a system that heats your whole house at once, implement a system that allows for you to heat different sections of your home at different temperatures. Then, if everyone in your home is in your kitchen, you can raise the thermostat to keep everyone warm. The rest of the home can be kept at a lower temperature, saving energy. Baseboard heaters, also know as zone heating, heat each room individually and can be adjusted to heat the room based on whether someone is in the room.

Mini-Split Systems

Another efficient system is the mini-split system. Rather than generating its own heat, the mini-split system gathers heat energy fro the outdoor air. The air is compressed to concentrate it and is then pumped into the home. Since they do not generate their own heat, they are the most-efficient. 

Timed Thermostats

Get a thermostat with a timer that will lower your home temperature at certain times of the day. When your kids are at school and you are away at work, there is no reason to keep your home warm. Then, you can manually adjust the thermostat if you are home for whatever reason.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are another way to control the temperature of your home. If you only need one or two rooms to be heated, a space heater is more efficient because you will not be heating other rooms unnecessarily. However, it is not efficient to place space heaters in each room and to turn them all on at once. Once you have found the sweet spot and after you look at the changes in your energy bill, you can continue to make adjustments until you get your electric heating bill as low as possible.

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