Creative Use Of LED Lights In Your Home

24 September 2015
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Light strips with single or multi-colored LEDs create accents in your home as well as enhance its safety. You can have a residential electrical contractor (learn more here) install them for you, or you can do it yourself in some cases. Here are a few ways to consider these cost effective lights in your home. 

LEDs Have a Long Life and are Versatile

You'll get thousands of hours of life from LEDs versus incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs. LEDs operate cooler than other bulbs and are unaffected by temperature extremes. This makes them ideal for outside use. Flexible strips allow you to follow architectural curves easily making them useful for accenting your home in a number of ways.

Kitchen highlighting

Place strips of LEDs behind translucent splash panels on kitchen counters and above and below cabinets. Put these lights on a standard switch or on a motion-sensing switch so the lights come on automatically when you enter the kitchen. You'll be safer with these lights on when getting up for a glass of water in the middle of the night but won't have to turn on the bright overhead light.

Stairways and railings

Put LEDs along the bottom edge of stairway hand railings. Place them on the stair risers to create a soft glow in the stairwell. This provides additional safety when going up and down stairs in the dark.

Ceiling accents

Cove style ceilings create a recessed look to your ceilings. Add strips of LEDs above the trim pieces to shine up on the ceiling. This will enhance the feeling of depth in the ceiling and give it a warm, welcoming glow.

Accent art work

Place LED strips inside curio cabinets and china hutches. Mount photos out from the wall slightly and place LEDs behind them to shine on the wall to enhance the look of depth. Using small round tables to display art pieces, place a ring of wood on the table with LED strips along the inside of the ring. Place a round piece of glass on the wood riser and you'll have a lighted base for vases, sculptures and figurines.

Decks and stairs

Place LED strips under deck rails, up the deck posts, along stair risers and outlining built-in benches or planters. Line the walkways to the deck on both sides with LEDs. You'll accent the deck when the lights are on at night as well as make the deck safer to walk on.